Reusable Paperless Towels


Reusable Paperless Towels. 9 pack.


Paperless towels are meant to reduce or replace your use of paper toweling. Use these just as you would your traditional paper toweling to clean up, wipe down, use as napkins, or toweling for drying hands! Made with 100% cotton flannel, these get more absorbent the more they are washed.

Pro tip: Place a bucket under the sink or a wet bag where you hang your kitchen towels to put your soiled Paperless towels until you’re ready to wash.

Pro tip #2: These can be composted at the end of their life! Simply cut off the surged edge (these are currently surged with a polyester thread*), throw the surged edge in the garbage and compost the flannel.


*cotton thread to be used in the near future!

**Image shown may not reflect current prints available**

Additional information

Weight 4.34 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4.5 × 1 in
Spring Collection

Apple, Hearts, Pink and Green, Tulips, Butterflies, Pink and Blue Cats


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